Show 2009

We had a great show this year. There were a lovely number of exhibits both pedigree and household pet.  A big thank you to everyone who entered.  We do appreciate that in today's economic climate it is becoming more and more difficult to support every show.  We do appreciate the support you've given us.

We would like to say a BIG thank you to our Show Manager, Paul Asquith, who as always did a marvellous job for us in putting together such an excellent show.

We were in a new show hall; which is always a bit nerve racking.  Will exhibitors and judges like the new venue, will it meet their needs?  A big resounding Yes.  Everybody seemed to like the new venue.  And as always there was a really friendly atmosphere present throughout the day and both Judges and Exhibitors appeared to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Unfortunately one of our judges, Mrs Marjorie Sharp fell and broke her ankle and was therefore unable to join us.  Hopefully she will be able to be with us next year.  Our President, Mrs Allam stood in and we hope that exhibitors weren't disappointed.

Our thanks go to our Judges Mrs Leighton, Mrs Prowse and Mrs Allam for their very generous support of the Association. Thanks also to the stewards for all their hard work throughout the day.  Special thanks go to our Duty Vet, Trevor Turner, who is always a pleasure to have on board your team.

As always the Bacon Butties and other goodies on sale throughout the day went down very well with everybody, exhibitors, judges and the public alike.  Thanks go to Nigel Board, Ceri Board and Andrew Rainbow-Ockwell for their sterling efforts in the kitchen.

Best in Show was done across the table, with the judging taking place on the show floor.  The exhibitors certainly seemed to enjoy being able to see the Best in Show Judging taking place.

Best in Show Winners were as follows:

Best in Show Kitten:

Mrs P Payne, Pempakat Andante, Cream, Male

Best in Show Adult:

Mr &   Mrs Angus Palchinno  Allana Mistique, Blue-Cream, Female

Best in Show Neuter:

Mrs P Franks, UK Gr Pr Brigmerston Strike Apose, Blue-Cream,


Overall Best in Show:

Mrs P Franks, UK Gr Pr Brigmerston Strike Apose, Blue-Cream, Female

Another quite astounding day where the girls swept the board.  And what lovely exhibits they all were too!

Best in Show Household Pet:  Mrs M Howes, MC Cheetaj, Spooted Brown Tabby SH Male Neuter

All our Best in Show winners were beautifully presented and a joy to watch being handled across the table.

Congratulations to all our Best in Show Winners and thanks to all our exhibitors for entering the show.

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