Buying a Kitten

Once you have decided on the breed of kitten you have fallen for telephone some breeders and get an idea of the price of kittens. Avoid having a kitten on "breeding terms"; this is likely to lead to discord later on.

Kittens should be sold with at least an enteritis inoculation and a full course of cat flu inoculations. They should also be registered with the GCCF and have a written pedigree supplied with the registration details. (If the kitten is not registered, the breeder should supply a mating certificate in addition to the pedigree, so that you can register the kitten yourself.).  It is advisable also to check that the breeder from whom you are purchasing your kitten is not on the GCCF Official Suspension List.  Click here to review the list: .

Make sure all of these are included in the price given and that there are no 'hidden' extras. Kittens should be at least 13 weeks old before they leave the breeder. 13-14 weeks is probably the best age, especially for all foreign breeds.

You may wish to see more than one litter before you make your choice. Never go from one breeder to another without a wash and a change of clothing as you could be the cause of cross infection.

Always make an appointment with the breeder before you visit and let him/her know if you change your plans. Breeders should be happy to show their kittens without compelling you to buy. However, don't expect a breeder to keep a kitten for you indefinitely. You may be expected to pay a non-returnable deposit if the kitten is to be kept for any length of time after it is ready to go to a new home.

Ask to see where the kittens are usually kept and to see the 'Mum'. Watch for signs of sickness, diarrhoea, sticky eyes or stuffy nose. Never choose a sickly, lethargic or weakling kitten out of pity.

If you visit a breeder and you are worried about the way they are breeding and/or the condition of the cats and kittens, please write to the GCCF Office, with full details. It will then be possible to give the breeder advice and help, if it is required.

We recommend you never to buy a kitten from a pet shop.

If you wish to buy a kitten for breeding or showing it is essential that you buy one which is correctly bred and registered: you may otherwise discover that it is not possible to register the kittens you produce or not possible to show your cat.

Check the pedigree against the before buying the kitten.

Only cats which are registered on the Full Register (its registration number will begin CS...), Supplementary Register (CSSR...) or Experimental Register (CSEXP...) may be shown.

If you only wish to buy the kitten as a pet you should still ensure that you are paying for a proper pedigree kitten and that the breeder has adhered to the Code of Ethics. (Buying a cheaper, unvaccinated kitten may work out much more expensive in the long term!)

When buying a kitten the purchaser should read any contract of sale very carefully before signing it and make sure they fully understand it.

Once you have got your kitten home, then you have to care for it.  Download our flyer on caring for your kitten. Looking After Your Cat or Kitten Flyer.doc

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