Association's Founding

Miss Kathleen Yorke formed the Association in 1961 as she felt strongly that the time had come for a club catering for these two breeds specifically.  The aim of the club was to encourage and promoat a greater interest in the breeding, exhibiting and welfare of Cream and Blue-Cream longhair cats.  And also to urge the adoption by all breeders, exhibitors and judges of the Type and Standard of Points approved the GCCF.

The same is very much true today.  The first President of the Association was the late Miss Lelgrade Fraser who was succeeded by Madame Lavel and later Miss Edith Shepperd.  You might be interested to know that the first Committee was made up as follows:

Chairman:               Miss K Yorke

Secretary:               Mrs K Brough

Treasurer:               Mrs C Dugdale

Newsletter:             Mrs C Dugdale

Committee:             Mrs J Thompson, Mrs M Brunton, Mrs E Aitken,

Mrs A Cooke-Radmore, Mrs B Ross,

Mrs Gordon-Baker, Mrs I Pearson,

Mrs L McVady, M iss E Sellar,

Mr B Sterling-Webb

Whilst some of these names may not mean too much to many people today their Prefixes could very well appear way back on your current pedigrees.

Eleven very beautiful and valuable trophies were given at the Association’s opening by the Founder Members.  These were supplemented in later years by further generous donations and today the Association possesses a veritable treasure trove of lovely cups and plates.

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